With the coming of spring, spring cleaning has also arrived at Affinity Dental Care. Today the weather was nice and sunny. The front lawn was cleaned a couple weeks ago and line painting was done earlier this morning. I got some flowers in planters and placed them at the front and back entrances. They really help brighten up the overall feeling of the building and instill a welcoming atmosphere to all my patients.

Later this spring, the white siding will be replaced with new siding and the white foundation wall will be parged to give it a fresh look.

Just as it is important to do your spring cleaning around the house as spring is settling in, I would recommend a nice checkup, tooth cleaning or even a dental makeover to give you a fresh and happy smile to welcome the coming summer months

08 Mar, 2022

Lip Tie

About lip-tie: In my last blog, I mentioned seven frena (also called frenula) in the mouth, found in the top, bottom, sides of the mouth, underneath the upper and lower… Read More