Going White

First impressions matter and having a beautiful smile with white teeth is always a great way to start. One of the ways to achieve that whiteness is to do teeth bleaching.

The most cost effective way to bleach is at home, using our custom made trays that can hold the bleaching gel safely in place on your teeth.

It normally takes one to two weeks of daily bleaching for the effects to be significant and long-lasting.

If bleaching is done properly, the treatment is safe and produces no harm to your teeth and surrounding tissue.

Because of the nature of bleaching, it unfortunately only whitens natural teeth. Fillings, crowns, veneers, bonding, bridges and dentures aren’t compatible with the bleaching gel and therefore cannot be whitened.


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Staying White With the BGs: Bleaching Gels

There are 2 options for whitening gels. One is Hydrogen Peroxide based and the other is made with Carbamide Peroxide. Here at Affinity Dental Care, we encourage the use of Carbamide Peroxide based whitening gels as it has both a longer shelf life and a longer lasting effect.

Both whitening gels come in different concentrations. The lower concentrated gels are safe to wear for longer periods of time, even overnight!

During the whitening process, your teeth and gums will most likely become sensitive to hot and cold food/drinks. Luckily, this is temporary and there are no long term effects on your teeth.

After the desired results have been achieved, they can last for months before a person has to undergo the whitening tray treatment again. Periodical touch ups are recommended to maintain the desirable shade of white.

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