Getting Ahead of Issues

Oral-Cancer-Screening-Burlington-DentistEven as Dr Wong pushes for dental prevention, some teeth may require extraction (severe bone loss, very wriggly, large decay with only roots left, non-functional, and orthodontic treatment) and the tooth should be removed. Some patients may even want to have the tooth removed due to severe pain or at their own option. During this process, sedation with nitrous oxide can be provided at our office in conjunction of local anesthetics to make the whole procedure painless.

Some other situations that require oral surgery would be the removal of lumps and bumps in the mouth, biopsy and frenectomy. Those lumps and bumps are likely benign tumors but serve as a nuisance to constant biting or rubbing. When it is visible on the lip with pigmentation, it is desirable to have it removed.

Whenever a lump, bump and lesion is suspicious of cancer, the removed piece would be sent to a pathology lab for histological examination for proper diagnosis.


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