Statistically, more than 5 million teeth are avulsed each year in America. Sporting activities contribute to nearly one-third of all dental injuries. Besides helmets and face masks, mouthguards are another essential factor to help protect teeth from all sports.

Well-fitted mouthguards prevent violent contact between the maxillary and mandibular dentition. Injuries can include soft tissue lacerations, tooth avulsions, tooth displacements, tooth or bone fractures, endodontic injuries and concussions.

The stock and self-adapting mouthguards usually don’t meet the minimum requirements for effective protection of the mouth and teeth. Only custom-made ones can meet the guidelines for effective protection and ensure comfort for the wearer.


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Mouthguard Considerations

A major consideration in the performance of mouthguards is their ability to absorb energy and reduce transmitted forces when impacted, especially in contact sports like boxing, hockey, and football. Therefore, the design, fit, materials and thickness of the mouthguard are important. All mouthguards made here at Affinity Dental Care use latex free EVA mouthguard resin material and have the minimum thickness of 4 mms. This design follows the guidelines set by the American College of Prosthodontists. We also make sure mouthguards stay in place comfortably and securely, are physiologically compatible with the wearer and are easy to clean.

Because of our dual layer lamination technology, we can individualize mouthguards by imprinting the name, logo and player number of a patient.

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