An Affinity for Kids’ Dental Health

With kids ourselves, we love when kids are excited to get into our examination chairs! Typically we recommend starting their visits when their first teeth erupt so that we can proactively look at the health of their mouth, gums and early teeth, while educating parents on how to care for those new teeth.

Although the first tooth will fall out in a few years, it is still very important to establish healthy habits from the beginning. If your child develops decay in their primary teeth, it can lead to defective enamel in permanent adult teeth before they even erupt. Dealing with pain and infected teeth could be traumatic both physically and psychologically to the child. Treatments under general anesthesia would be costly and detrimental to the child’s overall well-being, so we look to minimize that trauma by proactively caring for teeth as they come. Crooked permanent teeth are usually the result of premature loss of baby teeth due to decay.

Kids-DentalAs kids get older, we continue to see them, generally twice a year, for cleaning and to reinforce how to care for their teeth and the lifelong benefits. We are here to help parents show the importance of twice daily brushing and to get kids to understand how and why they need to floss every day.

Our longterm goal is to turn these early meetings into a lifelong relationship between patient and dentist. We want to be there for the life of your teeth.

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