Dental Implants: Restoring Strength and Structure

Supporting teeth with implants is Dr Wong’s expertise. He started placing implants 28 years ago when implants were not popular in Canada and now has a fellowship designation with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He would love to discuss with you your best options for dental implants.

According to the National Institute of Dental & Craniofocial Research, adults ages 20 to 64 have an average of 3.28 decayed or missing teeth. Dental implants could be one of the best options for those with this problem once their gums have healed from the removal process. It is an excellent long-lasting alternative to bridges, partials or complete dentures as it helps to restore the structure of the mouth and provides a strong base for the replacement tooth.


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Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Replacement of the tooth root
  • Helps prevent bone loss
  • Preservation of adjacent teeth
  • Allow patients to bite and chew naturally
  • Helps patients speak naturally and feel like themselves
  • Helps patients feel more attractive
  • Boosts self esteem

Advantages of Root Replacement

  • Stabilzes the position of adjacent teeth
  • Helps to maintain jaw bone
  • No involvement of adjacent teeth for support

If you’re looking for a dentist knowledgeable in dental implants, come in and see Dr. Wong. He will provide a complete assessment and discuss your best options.