Emergencies Happen... We Offer Same Day Service

When possible, we provide same day emergency dental services for emergency situations like toothache, abscess, swelling, pain . and trauma, chipped, displaced or avulsed teeth from an accident, lost fillings or crowns, cracked teeth, broken dentures, loose implants, broken or loose orthodontic wires and locked jaws.

During the visit, we will first review your medical condition and history. Then we will conduct a specific examination of the affected sites using x-rays and/or tests as necessary to properly diagnose the issue. Options with different treatment modalities will then be presented and discussed. All questions including fees and prognosis will be answered before any treatments are performed.

If you need urgent care, you can call us at 289-861-5111 during the regular hours or at 416-316-0889 when we are closed.


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