Crowns or caps are like helmets that go on top and around a tooth. They are used to protect a tooth from further damage and are typically used when the tooth:

  • Is heavily restored with filling(s) that renders the tooth weak
  • Can be broken easily during chewing… even with soft foods
  • May be chipped or cracked
  • Has already had a root canal treatment
  • Is crooked, rotated and/or tilted
  • Is a darker colour and stands out from the other teeth

A crown can be cosmetically attractive and natural in appearance depending on the materials used. There are a few materials available for making a crown – gold alloy, porcelain, lithium disilicate, and zirconium are the most common ones. Each has its pros and cons and Dr. Wong, along with his patient, will decide which one to use based on function, aesthetic and patient preferences.

When Dr. Wong prepares a tooth for a crown, he ensures that only a thin layer of the tooth surface is removed to make room for the crown. In addition, the bio-mechanical features are also considered for the design of the crown.


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A bridge is made up of at least 2 crowns which cover the teeth beside a missing tooth. A false tooth in the centre is joined to a crown on one side and a crown on the other. It replaces the missing space where the tooth or teeth are missing. The false teeth are cosmetically pleasing and fully functional for chewing and eating.

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