Our Dental Practice Continues to Grow!

Wow, it has been over a year since I first started my family dental clinic in Burlington in January, 2019! Unlike most other dental offices, my practice is not located in a busy shopping centre or a large medical building complex. It is situated in a cozy house that has been converted into my dental practice – it is modern with the latest equipment, yet quaint looking. Patients have found that the layout and colour tone of my wallpaper is very trendy, attractive and yet efficient.

I’m proud that I started the practice all from scratch – from finding the location, purchasing the property, doing the site plan application, designing the floor plan, choosing the equipment, all the way down to conjuring the marketing platforms for my family dental practice.

The reason that I decided to start my own practice after many years of being an associate for different dental practices (including some corporate-owned dental clinics) is: I wanted to provide the type of dental care I wanted for my patients, all at a more personal and catered level. In a corporate-owned dental clinic, profitability is usually one of their biggest concerns. My main concerns are if the dental treatments are the best for my patients and contributing to their dental and overall wellness. I also use the latest state-of-the art equipment and facilities, which weren’t available when I requested them as an associate dentist. As an owner/dentistry provider myself, I can choose the type of materials I like to use for my patients – not to mention that I can decide the scope of my dental practice and stick to my own personal philosophy and values.

There are many dentists in Burlington, especially in most urban areas in Canada. I have some patients from my previous dental office, Martindale Dental, where I was an associate for a few years. Their trust in me as their family dentist has shown in their desire to find me so that I may be their dentist. I truly value them as my own patients, as I am even more humbled and appreciative of their support and confidence on me.

Because I am also an owner of my practice and I am going to be practicing dentistry in my location for good, I feel that I am of obligation to do my utmost best to all of my patients. I also feel that I need to keep abreast of the latest techniques, knowledge and facilities to provide them with comprehensive dental treatments including cosmetic, implant and orthodontic treatments like Invisalign (I am currently providing Invisalign equivalent orthodontic treatments using “invisible” aligner trays).

My office is small currently. As I grow, I will be having a dental hygienist do dental cleanings and most of the soft tissue management programs for my patients (I am currently providing dental hygiene services to my patients) and an office manager to take charge of the administrative/management aspect of my dental clinic. Eventually, I will have plenty of staff in all departments as my practice grows.

At this time, all new patients are welcome to visit us to decide if it is the right dental home for them and to form a lifelong partnership in keeping them healthy.

Call Dr. Wong at Affinity Dental Care in Burlington. If you are in the Burlington area and want to learn more about dental implants or any other dental service, call (289)-861-5111 to book a consultation appointment.


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