As a family dentist serving Burlington, Ontario since 2013, I have been very involved with the Burlington community in order to give back for what it has provided for my family and I.

Besides my family, professional and social life, I have been actively involved in 3 local Burlington organizations since 2014. I am blessed to be a part of Community Living Burlington (CLB), Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton (BBBS) and Halton Region Chinese Canadian Association (HRCCA).
It is not always easy to balance your professional life, along with family, work, friends and volunteer commitments. Luckily, my wife and my family have been unwaveringly supportive of all my endeavours, from the smaller things like volunteering, to the bigger things like establishing my very own dental practice on Walkers Line.

Since I started my family and wellness dental clinic, Affinity Dental Care, located in Burlington in January of this year, it has been a constant uphill battle to remain afloat amidst budding technology, new demands and advanced techniques. While it has always been my goal to try to be the best family dentist, a lot has changed as compared to the time when I first graduated in 1990 from University of Toronto School of Dentistry. Back at that time, dental technology, materials and knowledge in dentistry were not even close to what is available today. Laws and regulations on infection control and prevention, and workplace safety concepts and requirements were not as enforceable as today. There were not as many dentists so there was never any pressure to consider marketing strategies through website development and social media marketing.

Because of the rapid advancements in dentistry, routine professional development is part of my professional life. I strive to regularly acquire the latest modern techniques and knowledge in wellness dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, children’s dentistry and implant dentistry so that I can ensure that I practice the best dentistry I can possibly provide to all of my patients.

Overall, there is so much more involved in establishing the best comprehensive family dental clinic in Burlington, due to the rapid changes in the requirements and environments from 30 years ago. My objective is to keep myself abreast with the latest advancements in dentistry and its related fields. Providing my patients with the best is my perpetual target as that’s what they deserve.

We are a local dental clinic in South Burlington. Contact us today to schedule a dental consultation at Affinity Dental Care in Burlington. Fill out the form below or call us at 289-861-5111


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