With the invention of technology, dentistry has embraced the digital aspect and its upcoming developments with open arms. The introduction of Bluetooth connection, AI technology, digital radiology and photography, digital scanning, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), 3D printing, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) and image-guided implant surgery, have all been utilized in recent years to improve the standard of care in modern dentistry.

From the dental office’s website to social media platforms, information can be easily exchanged between the onsite dental management system and a dentist’s patients. Within the dental management system, patients’ clinical and personal information can be digitally processed and stored within it. The digital camera takes photos of the patient’s face and mouth. The intraoral camera takes photos of an individual tooth or areas inside the oral cavity. The digital X-ray machines take radiographs of the head, jaw and teeth. The CBCT takes 3-D images that can be viewed at different angles and provide precise measurements. The digital scanner can take impressions of the upper or lower arches for study models, dentures or partial fabrications to replace traditional impressions using bulky trays. It can also be used for crown or bridge impressions of a natural tooth or an implant. Digital face-bow can register the maxillary and mandibular relationship in occlusion to each other and to the face (the interpupillary plane level between the eyes).

Finally, it can provide information about the lower jaw movement during opening and closing. CAD-CAM can mill a single crown, a bridge or an implant supported Zirconia bridge using digital information from the previously mentioned digital devices. A 3-D printer can print out study models, Invisalign, Clear Correct, or Clear Aligner orthodontic trays and retainers. It can also print out denture castable framework, implant castable bars, dentures, or implant surgical guides.

All the information gathered from these different devices can be integrated together to produce a virtual image of a patient for diagnosis, and eventually the virtual vision of final treatment results.

This allows me to provide:

  • A more precise model for crowns, bridges and implant components with accurate fitting
  • Provide precise placement of the implant to avoid complications and injury
  • Instant viewing of the expected results
  • A quick turn over and minimize wait time
  • Instant crowns and bridges
  • A considerable cost reduction

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