COVID-19 Lockdown Is Making Us More Organized

Affinity Dental Care is a Family Dental Clinic in Burlington, serving the residents near its location on Walkers Line and Rockwood Drive. We specialize in wellness dentistry with comprehensive disciplines in different areas like cosmetics, implants, orthodontic treatments using clear invisible aligner trays like Invisalign, and soft tissue management.

We always strive to be one of the best dental clinics in Burlington. I have been working just as hard as always during the COVID-19 lockdown, including to catch up with paperwork on office organization and patient care, updating my infection prevention and control protocol and policy daily as the condition evolves, doing inventory counts, learning about the latest dental materials and equipment, and learning about dental management and marketing. I also continue to take more courses on-line, on various topics such as SureSmile, ClearCorrect and gum disease treatments etc. In terms of office management, one of the most important things is to pour out all the water in my internal water system (supplying clean, distilled and disinfected water for the dental units and tooth cleaning machine) and purge all the internal dental water lines of water. In current situations, we are not going to be using the water much at all and it is going to be likely to continue for at least another month or two. When the water is stagnate inside the water lines, biofilm will form. To help combat this, purging the lines of water is essential to keep the bacterial counts to below the safe level. I have done all the emptying of the internal water supply system and purging all the water lines at the beginning of the lockdown to ensure my water lines are dry. It is also very important to keep the bacterial count in the biofilm formed inside the water tubings to a minimum by not using the water from the regular city water line, thus why It is especially more important for those dental offices using city water in their dental treatment units and machines to purge the wastelines.

It has been a difficult time for everyone but I hope all of us can take this opportunity to catch up on the things in our life that we don’t usually have the time for, all while keeping us and the people around us safe as we practice social distancing. Because of social distancing and the lockdown, people have become confined to their own home and have been its effects. To help cope with the confinement, here is a list of potential activities you may like to try. For example: cleaning and moving furniture and décor around to create a new fresh look and feel. This may improve your Feng Shui by balancing the Yin and Yang in your environment. You can go through your storage and junk to remove or get rid of the items that you don’t need anymore. You may also discover things that you had that had been forgotten! There are also quite a lot of online courses on different topics that one can engage with. You can pick up a hobby or learn a new skill while you are online. Spring time is here and it may be the best time to start seeding and planning for the garden.

It is also the time to catch up with your paperwork, studies or projects in a more leisurely way.
This is the perfect time for one to slow down and reflect on yourself and your achievements, regrets and aspirations. You could chart a new direction for your future and your family. Plan and research on how to achieve that new goal.
Spending time with family is always important and with the lockdown, this would be the best way to do so. It is the best time to spend more time with your children and form a better bond with each other.

This a stressful time for most of us. By channeling our focus away to something more positive and engaging, like the activities I mentioned above, you can help cope with the stressors.

You may also want to practice smiling in your mirror. Being able to smile in a very pleasant way will get a positive reaction from your friends and strangers alike. If you feel your teeth aren’t straight enough or wish for whiter teeth, then make a goal to see a dentist near you to see what can be done to freshen up that smile.

Don’t forget to visit us at Affinity Dental Care if you are in the vicinity to find out how Dr. Wong can help you improve your teeth and oral health. At this current moment with the COVID-19 Lockdown due to the pandemic, we are only available for dental emergencies. We will try our best to help you over the phone or by teledentistry first before an in-office visit is made. Self isolating, social distancing and washing your hands for at least 20 seconds are all ways to reduce the chance of infection among ourselves. Let’s flatten this curve together and get back to a better and brighter future. Together, we can fight through this.

Call Dr. Wong at Affinity Dental Care in Burlington. If you are in the Burlington area and want to learn more about dental implants or any other dental service, call (289)-861-5111 to book a consultation appointment.


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