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A Different Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is at the helm of your first impression ond you want it to be at its best. When you have dental issues, such as broken, chipped, missing and yellow teeth, or even severe dental misalignment, smiling might just be the last thing you want to do. Studies show that having a nicer, whiter, straighter smile boosts your self-esteem and creates an impression of youth, health and success.

Modern dentistry offers a multitude of cosmetic options that blend nicely with Dr. Wong’s holistic/wellness approach to dentistry. First and foremost, Dr. Wong will listen to patients’ concerns and have conversations that extends beyond dental health. What some may think of as solely a cosmetic procedure, means so much more to those who are scared or ashamed to show their smile. Dr. Wong’s goal? To help patients feel that they’re confident, capable and able to just simply smile.

Learn more about how a smile makeover can restore your confidence in just a few visits.


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Our Cosmetic Dental Services

Beyond general family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry allows Dr. Wong to help patients uncover their inner confidence. Whether you are interested in whitening or something more we can help.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it’s your best. Call Dr. Wong’s office now to see how cosmetic dentistry can change your life.

Here are the services we offer:


We offer options for partial, complete or overdentures.

Tooth Whitening

Avoid the over-the counter products and seek professional application of safe and non-toxic tooth whitening.

Dental Implants

A passion for Dr. Wong, he uses dental implants to restore full function to a mouth with missing or severely compromised teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry


  • We will not see patients who have assessed positive for COVID-19.
  • Physical barriers are In place to maintain patient safety like a plexiglass shield around the reception desk.
  • All the doorknobs, countertops, waiting room chairs and other areas where previous patient has been in contact are wiped down with disinfectant soon after the patient leaves and before the next patient arrives.
  • An extra 15 minutes will be given between patients to provide adequate time to get equipment like chairs, lights, counter tops, handles and any open surfaces in the treatment area clean and disinfected.
  • Our instruments are wrapped or bagged before sterilization in our new autoclave machine to maintain sterility before being used on our patients.
  • We keep the door to the treatment area closed at all times to keep the air inside for the air management system to filter and disinfect the air. HEPA filtering and UV disinfectant light are used in the process.
  • We wear fit tested N95 masks, gloves, eye protection, head coverings and protective gowns when we are treating patients.
  • We diligently wash hands and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer between patients.
  • We provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer throughout the clinic for our patients.
  • Staff monitor themselves twice daily to make sure we have no symptoms.

At Affinity Dental Care, rest assured that we take your safety seriously.