Both ClearCorrect and Invisalign clear aligners can straighten teeth and correct the bite without using brackets and wires.

They are identical in the principle and mechanism of moving teeth, but there are some differences in the materials, trimming, and trays’ cost.

Although they use different materials, both are BPA or phthalates free and have been extensively tested for biocompatibility

Both can effectively correct mild to moderate malocclusions and have the same great results.

At Affinity Dental Care, we provide clear aligner and traditional metal brace treatments to our patients who require orthodontic treatment for their teeth and bites.

Clear aligners are great for the correction of mild and moderate malocclusions. The benefits of using clear aligners are discreet, comfortable and easy for oral hygiene. One huge advantage is the elimination of seeing the dentist or orthodontist as often as the traditional braces. In some instances, the treatment can be completed on your own without visiting the office for months, only after the first few office visits at the beginning for pre-treatment examination/evaluation and data collections (like photographs, x-ray and impressions).

We use clear aligners to treat these seven common conditions:


You have a crossbite when your upper teeth sit on top of or just inside your bottom teeth. The causes of crossbite are often caused by chronic mouth breathing when young, genetic factors or childhood habits. The condition can cause joint pain, snoring, chewing inefficiency or aesthetic problem. Before aligners, patients with crossbite had to use traditional metal braces to realign their teeth. Now, you can correct the crossbite using aligners.

Crowded Teeth

Misaligned teeth can make you feel less comfortable with your smile and dental complications like chewing food and trapping between teeth. Crowed teeth also make practicing good dental hygiene become a challenge. Aside from pain, you may experience an increased risk for tooth decay, gingivitis and cavities. ClearCorrect aligner applies gentle pressure to crowed teeth to realign your smile more gently than traditional braces.


Gaps between teeth can make your smile unattractive, and food tends to get stuck in the space, causing pain, cavities and gum disease.
The clear aligners are very efficient in moving the teeth to close up the gaps.

Open Bite

If you have a misalignment that leaves an open space between your top and bottom teeth, ClearCorrect aligners can help close the opening. The aligner trays can either erupt the front teeth or intrude the molars to make the bite correct. Lisping, difficulty biting an apple or an awkward smile can result from having an open bite.


Overbites occur when your top front teeth overlap your bottom for too much. It is more or less the opposite of open bite. Clear aligners can move your top teeth upward while pressing your bottom teeth down until the upper front teeth are not covering the lower front teeth for more than 50% of the length of the upper front teeth.


An underbite is a condition where your lower jaw is displaced so that your bottom teeth stick out past your top set. Underbites present an obstacle to dental hygiene, increase your risk of tooth decay and cause joint pain. Aligners like ClearCorrect and Invisalign can be gently correct certain less severe underbites.

Tilted or uneven teeth

When there is a space between two teeth, the teeth adjacent to that space will tilt towards each other while the upper tooth will erupt into the hole. The consequences are misalignment, difficulty in having a comfortable bite, excessive teeth wear, grinding teeth, premature tooth loss and TMJ pain. Aligners can work like the braces to upright and even out the teeth.

Affinity Dental Care offers both traditional braces and ClearCorrect aligner treatments to patients at reasonable fees. If you are interested in having an initial consultation, you can call our office or try out our free online consultation platform called SmileMate. The link to it is:

17 Jan, 2023

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