Common Oral Diseases: What you need to be concerned about

There are a few common oral diseases that most of us have had or are having. Some of them may include one of the following common dental diseases listed below:

  1. Tooth decay: It is normally created by acid, formed by the bacteria in the plaque on teeth. The acid leaches out calcium and phosphorus found in your enamel and turns the enamel soft and mushy. It can be prevented by proper oral hygiene and reduction in carbohydrate consumptions. The most common treatment for tooth decay is fillings with white composite resin.
  2. Sensitive teeth to hot and cold: Decayed teeth can be very sensitive to extreme temperature because the nerve inside the tooth is either exposed or close to the temperature change due to the removal of the enamel and tooth structure by the decay. The other possibility is due to gum recession that exposes the root surfaces of a tooth – roots are not protected by enamel. The solution is to get cavities filled if it is due to decay. For gum recession, avoid brushing your teeth too rough and hard, and use soft brushes only to brush the teeth with. The use of toothpaste that is specially designed to reduce sensitivity would also be helpful. Gum grafting to recover the exposed roots can also be an option.
  3. Gum disease: It is a chronic inflammatory condition that attacks your gums, the bones, and ligaments that support your teeth, characterized by swollen, red or purplish gums that bleed easily when touched. A good oral hygiene regimen includes having a proper cleaning done by your dentist, to help control the inflammation. A review of your diet and health could show systemic diseases that may contribute to oral disease
  4. Bad breath: Also called halitosis. It could be caused by several factors – the primary reason is due to decaying food broken down by bacteria in your mouth, releasing Sulphur compounds. Tooth decay and gum disease are the two main sources for food being decomposed. Find a trusted family dentist in a clinic close to you to get your examination and cleaning done as a first step. Other factors could be from the tongue and inflamed tonsils. Sinusitis, liver disease, tobacco use and dry mouth etc. are other factors that can cause bad breath.
  5. Dry mouth: It can cause a lot of discomfort in the month. Patients with dry mouth tend to have more tooth decay due to the lack of saliva to dilute and wash out the food and acid on teeth. A lot of common medications can cause dry mouth. Destruction of the salivary glands by infection, stone formation and radiation can permanently destroy the glands. More frequent tooth brushing with fluoridated toothpaste, drinking a lot of water, using fluoridated mouth rinses, lozenges and saliva substitutes can be employed to alleviate the symptoms and complications.
  6. Canker sores: Stress, diet and weakened immune systems can be the cause of the sore. If they happen often and with large areas, book an appointment with your dentist or find a dentist near you to find out if there are any systemic causes for the disease.
  7. Sleep apnea: When a person stops breathing in their sleep, the brain and organs would be deprived of oxygen. It is obviously very detrimental to the overall health of a person. The primary cause is excess tissues in the mouth and throat that can cause airway obstruction. At Affinity Dental Care, we can provide you with a thorough examination and we will work closely with a team of sleep specialists to help provide you with not only a diagnosis and treatment, but a better sleep while you count sheep.

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