Since the dental clinic opening in Burlington back in January 2019, the comprehensive family dentistry office has been steadily growing, punctuated with a slight hiccup from the country-wide lockdown starting on March 20, 2020.

Despite the stagnation during the three months of lockdown, the clinic resumed its growth once it was opened again in late June that year. We continue on our mission to promote our patients’ oral health by educating and rendering the appropriate and most advanced treatments available. Our philosophy of providing comprehensive patient’s centred wellness dentistry is in full force. We treat patient’s dental, oral and maxillofacial issues from recognition, assessment, evaluation, diagnoses, treatment planning with patients and execution of treatments. Among these missions and philosophies, continuous preventative wellness care is at the epitome.

During his 32 years as a dentist, Dr. Wong has been practicing as a comprehensive general dentist who provides oral wellness care to families and children. With his extensive continuous dental education in many different specialties, Dr. Wong has both qualification and experience in providing a broad spectrum of other dental procedures with confidence: – comprehensive examination, gum disease treatment, scaling, root planning, periodontal disease surgical treatment, including gum and bone grafting, white fillings for caries, crown and bridge, cosmetic porcelain veneers, stain and brown spots removal, teeth whitening, bonding, root canal therapy, extractions, surgical implant placements, sinus lift, full mouth reconstruction, orthodontic treatment, braces and clear aligners, mouth guard and night guard, full or partial dentures, teeth extractions, frenectomy and gummy gum treatment.

At Affinity Dental office, we strive to render our treatment to all patients with professionalism and high standards.

During these years, we continue to keep up with the latest technologies. For example, 1) the use of a diode laser that can do bacterial disinfection in the gingival pockets, trim soft tissues and photo-bio-modulate the oral tissues to promote healing, 2) the implementation of a barcode scanner that can precisely trace each instrument/equipment for sterilization reprocessing to ensure that it meets the Infection Prevention and Control protocols, 3) the application of a Trios intraoral scanner that can take an impression of your mouth and teeth digitally, 4) the use of dentine grinder that can grind down the teeth and process the tooth particles for bone grafting, and 5) the adaptation of an internet-based virtual consultation platform called SmileMate that can assess the health of a person from the images of the person.

All those new equipment and technology help remove human errors and omissions, improve patient’s comfort, shorten the treatment time, precise treatment planning and visualization of the treatment outcomes, and more accurate execution of the treatments.

The next technology that we have in mind to acquire is called Trios Smile Design software that can precisely design the veneers or crowns of the virtual image of teeth and smile to simulate the transformation resulting from the proposed treatments.

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) is another piece of equipment we will purchase to take 3D images of our patients.

Our staff have gained more experience and education in providing proper support and facilitation. We are also pleased to announce the addition of a dental hygienist, Judy Brock, to our dental team to look after your periodontal and gum health. She is a certified dental hygienist with over 20 years of experience providing oral care to patients in Burlington throughout her hygiene career. She is both personable and knowledgeable. Her excellent skill in non-surgical soft tissue management that helps patients with gum disease regain healthy gums has helped many of her patients previously. She loves to see her patients having improved oral health because of her hygiene intervention and education.

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