Bring Your Kids to the Dentist

As a kids and family dentist in Burlington, I feel very blessed with the fact that my practice has been steadily attracting more new patients to my dental clinic without having to do much marketing and advertising in the past since the inception of my dental practice as Affinity Dental Care in January, 2019.
I am thankful for my loyal patients from the time when I was a dental associate in another dental clinic in Burlington who continue choosing me as their family dentist after I set up my own dental office on Walker’s Line.

Despite the lockdown from mid-March to mid-June this year, I felt that my practice hadn’t been much affected negatively by this crisis. Once the reopening of my practice to non-urgent and elective dental treatments, I noticed that my practice has been busier than ever with more referrals from my existing patients and new patients from my neighbourhood of my dental practice.

I am busy enough to the point that I am setting up 2 more dental operatories with dental chairs and cabinetries and intraoral X-ray machines etc. I am also going to have a dental hygienist to join my team to provide excellent dental cleaning and gum disease management programmes to my patients to make sure they have good oral health – which in term can continue to maintain and provide overall wellness that our patients expect and deserve.

I have also been getting patients wanting to have implants and orthodontic treatments, particularly with clear tray aligners like the Invisalign and ClearCorrect Invisible Aligners. For that matter, I am getting more advanced implant surgical equipment, state-of-the-art digital diagnostic devices and laser treatment machine.
There are more patients in my practice getting non-surgical gum disease management to help them to remove the inflammation in the gums and bone. We are aware that there are strong correlations between gum disease and systemic illnesses associated with inflammation. Soft tissue management includes the followings: 1) examinations of the gum and the supporting bone conditions, 2) recording the findings in the objective measurable forms so that I can have some baseline data, 3) presenting the findings and information to the patients on an easily understandable format, 4) co-diagnosing the form and severity of the gum disease, 5) co-devising a treatment plan to address the diagnoses and to implement the plan with treatments like demonstrating and teaching of the home brushing and flossing techniques, set the frequency of scaling of teeth, root planning of calculus/tartar build-ups underneath the gum tissues in my office with me or my hygienist. It also includes splinting of loose teeth together, occlusal adjustment to remove the high spots so that the lower jaw can chewing smoothly without premature contacts of certain over-erupted teeth. Systemic antibacterial agents or topical mouth rinses can also be incorporated into the treatment plan if they are beneficial. Last but not least, application of antimicrobial agents inside the gums and the use of laser therapy underneath the gums (inside the pockets).

My other goal is to be able to provide sleep apnoea oral appliance treatment to my patients, which has been presented in detail in one of my previous blogs.
I am very pleased to see Affinity Dental Care is growing in a healthy steady pace. Hopefully, we will be able to see you as our patients. We take your dental and oral health seriously as we are happy when you are healthy.

Bring Yoru Kids to Our Dental Office

If you would like to book an appointment or have questions about your teeth, please call Dr Wong at Affinity Dental Care by giving us a call at (289)-861-5111.


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